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About Us

About Us

What’s an Accountable Care Community? (ACC)

Accountable Care Communities, or ACCs, work to improve the overall health and well-being of their region. They’re made up of community partners from local and regional businesses, community organizations, faith-based organizations, health care organizations, schools and more.

How do ACCs improve health?

ACC partners recognize that our health is impacted by more than just medical care. It’s also affected by:

  • Behavior, such as nutrition, exercise and substance use habits
  • Environment, including housing and transportation
  • Genes and biology
  • Social factors, such as education levels and employment opportunities

By working together to improve socioeconomic and environmental factors, we can improve the quality and length of life for residents of our community – while also bolstering our regional economic prosperity.

STRONG mission and priorities

STRONG ACC will identify, align and leverage regional well-being efforts aimed at recognizing the connection between education, income, and health; and seek to create a healthy population by serving people of all ages, making sure to include those who are at-risk.

Our STRONG Strategic Plan was developed using the Collective Impact Model and is the continued model as the group implements and evaluates its efforts. STRONG represents diversity in terms of sectors and geographies – all striving toward improving the economic, educational and health outcomes of citizens living in 21 counties in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

2021 focus areas include:

Our priorities align with health programs adopted by the state of Tennessee and the Commonwealth of Virginia. These include Tennessee’s Vital Signs and Virginia’s Plan for Well-Being.

View and download the full STRONG ACC Strategic Plan.

STRONG leadership council

The STRONG Accountable Care Community is governed by a 24-member Leadership Council with equal representation from Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. The council is comprised of leaders from a diverse array of sectors that have a stake in the health and well-being of children, families and communities in the region.

The council’s diverse experience and expertise provide insight into our region’s unique strengths, challenges, needs and culture – and guides us toward the best ways to improve our overall health and well-being.

Collective impact

Changing the habits and health of an entire region requires coordinated, cooperative efforts from a diverse array of organizations. That’s why STRONG uses the Collective Impact Model to advance the well-being of our community. The ACC brings people and organizations together to solve complex problems through:

  • Strong backbone – Our two backbone organizations (Ballad Health and United Way of Southwest Virginia) plan, manage and facilitate the work of STRONG
  • Common agenda – We agree on the problems our region faces and have a mutual vision for change
  • Shared measurement – We’re tracking and reporting progress toward our vision in the same way
  • Mutually reinforcing activities – Our partners and members coordinate their approaches
  • Continuous communication – We regularly meet and exchange information to build trust and relationships

A STRONG start for everyone. Become a partner of the STRONG Accountable Care Community.

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