We are the STRONG ACC of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, a coalition of 400+ partner  organizations, that are Striving Towards  Resilience and Opportunity for the Next Generation. The STRONG ACC network, a diverse multi-sector community encompassing the fields of education, business, government, non-profits, health and social care, and the faith community, is united through collective impact to build a better future for the next generation. 

Our partners share the belief that synergy and collaboration can create profound and lasting change that goes beyond the boundaries of their respective sectors. From the earliest stages of life through the journey into young adulthood, the STRONG ACC forges collaborative partnerships around the factors that are critical for the next generation’s health and wellbeing.

Our vision is that together, we can build a region where parents and caregivers are supported in providing safe, stable, and nurturing environments for their children. Early care and education providers foster physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Schools build upon this foundation, teaching essential knowledge and skills, sparking students’ passions for careers, and bolstering career and technical education. Businesses support educators by providing work-based learning opportunities, internships, and apprenticeships. As students graduate, our focus shifts to higher education and vocational training, equipping young adults for jobs in which they will not earn a living, but a thriving wage. These economically independent young adults are then well-positioned to start families of their own and become vital contributors to the health of their communities and economies.

Together, we are doing what no individual organization can accomplish on its own: ensuring the success of every child from Conception to Career.


To improve physical, social, and economic health in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, especially for economically disadvantaged children and their families.


A region where people and communities are connected, valued, and engaged, and everyone is healthy and thriving.



We work to reduce disparities and ensure inclusion, accessibility, opportunities, and outcomes worthy of the full potential of each child and family.


We work to inspire, equip, and support organizations to be their best and give their best knowing that they are our greatest resource

Trauma and Resilience

We work to integrate knowledge about trauma and resilience into systems, policies, and practices, recognizing the widespread impact of trauma in individuals and families.


We work to generate transformative, sustainable change and improvement in systems, policies, and practices that affect people’s lives.


We work to unite sectors, organizations, and leaders around shared interests and goals, knowing that people of goodwill facing a common challenge can move mountains.

Family Driven Design

We work to put real people at the center of program development, enabling the creation programs and services that resonate with and are tailored to the actual needs of individuals and families.

2 Gen

We work to promote a two-generation (2Gen) approach, whenever possible, to build family well-being by intentionally and simultaneously working with children and the adults in their lives together.


Collective impact is a collaborative approach that brings together diverse stakeholders, organizations, and communities to tackle complex societal issues, fostering a shared vision and coordinated efforts for lasting, positive change.

There are five conditions of collective impact:

  • Common Agenda: establish a shared vision and goals for all partners
  • Shared Measurement: define and use common indicators to track progress
  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities: Coordinate and align efforts of all involved parties
  • Continuous Communication: Maintain open and consistent communication across partners
  • Backbone Support: Provide dedicated leadership and support to drive the initiative forward.


The STRONG ACC is committed to addressing the social drivers of health, recognizing that health outcomes are profoundly influenced by factors beyond the healthcare system. These social drivers encompass the economic, social, and environmental conditions that impact individials and communities, influencing their overall well-being.

We work collaboratively to bridge gaps in education, income, housing, and access to healthy environments to ensure that everyone has an equitable opportunity to thrive. By focusing on these social drivers of health, we aim to create a holistic, sustainable approach that fosters healthier lives and brighter futures for all.


Heckman’s Curve, coined by Nobel laureate James Heckman, illustrates the critical importance of investing in early childhood development. The curve reveals that earlier interventions are made in a child’s life, the greater the impact on their future outcomes. By prioritizing early education and support, we can unlock the full potential of our children and ultimately create a more prosperous and equitable society. Heckman’s Curve underscores the value of making strategic investments in the earliest stages of a child’s life to yield the greatest returns in terms of individual well-being and societal progress.